The MSc programme aims to teach students the basic concepts which arise in a broad range of technical and scientific problems and illustrates how these may also be applied in a research context to provide powerful solutions. This said, the emphasis is placed on generic skills which are transferable across disciplines so that the programme is a suitable foundation for anyone hoping to advance their scientific modelling skills.

The Mathematics Department at UCL is at the forefront of research and this programme will allow students to experience the excitement of obtaining solutions to complex physical problems. Students will initially consolidate their mathematical knowledge and formulate basic concepts of modelling before moving on to case studies in which models have been developed for specific issues motivated by industrial, biological or environmental considerations.

The programme will provide a unique blend of analytical and computational methods with applications at the frontiers of research. Successful students will be well placed to satisfy the growing demand for mathematical modelling in commerce and industry. The programme will alternatively form a strong foundation for any student who wishes to pursue further research.