Library, Computing and other resources


UCL has a substantial collection of Mathematics books in the library. The Mathematics collection is on the 3rd floor of the Science Library in the DMS Watson Building, at the south end of college. There may be relevant material, particularly in applied mathematics, elsewhere in the Science Library. It is worthwhile getting to know about the facilities of the library.

Computing facilities

MSc students have computers provided for their use in the MSc room, Room 501. There are also various workstation cluster rooms around college which are available for general student use.

Departmental Office

The Mathematics Department general office is Room 610.


All the Library's staffed sites have self-service photocopying facilities, operated by cards. Rechargeable cards are required to use the photocopiers. You need only buy one card and then keep it for the whole of your time at UCL. Cards cost £1 each (this does not include any copy credit). The minimum copycredit you can add to a copycard is 20p, the maximum is £50. If you lose your copycard you will have to buy a new one. Therefore, we recommend that you do not charge your copycard with large amounts of copy credit. It is also sensible to write your name on your card or record the individual number on the back of the card. You can then reclaim the card if it is found and handed in to library staff. All 8 participating library sites have card vending and card re-charging machines.

MSc room

Room 501 is specifically for use by MSc students of the Maths Department. It contains a number of desks, chairs and computers, but not enough for one per student, so sharing arrangements will have to be worked out. MSc students can also use the Common Room, Room 502, and Study Room, Room 503.

Informal use of lecture rooms on 7th floor

If unoccupied, you may use these for quiet study, but you must leave promptly if asked to do so.


Any physical mail that comes for you will be put in the MSc post tray in Room 501. This includes anything from members of staff, library etc. Please check the post tray in Room 501 regularly.


Although we endeavour to update the information on the website regularly, further details of all courses, including tutorials, exams, any change of time of classes, are placed on the information boards on the 5th and 6th floors.

E-mail and web page

Please check your email regularly, and also look at notices on the departmental web-page. The Department will send all important information to your main UCL account only.

Mathematics Society

There is a student Mathematics society, called the ADM Society, which organizes events in the Department, publishes a newsletter, etc.

Mathematics Department Staff Student Consultative Committee

This is a committee made up of representatives from the undergraduate and postgraduate students (chosen by election) and from the staff of the Department, which meets twice a year, approximately in the middle of the Spring and Autumn. It provides a forum for students to raise issues relating to the course or the Department. Some issues may be dealt with immediately informally; others may be referred to the Departmental Teaching Committee or the Head of Department. The minutes are posted on the Student Common Room noticeboard, and also go to staff in the Department and to the College Staff Student Committee as well as the Dean of the Faculty.

Graduate School

The Graduate school offers a variety of skills courses for all postgraduates.

This page also contains a link to a list of courses aimed specifically at Masters students.

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