Professor Frank Smith


Frank Smith

Department of Mathematics

Goldsmid Professor of Mathematics

Faculty of Mathematical & Physical Sciences (MAPS)


Frank is an applied mathematician who seeks new knowledge through research and /or to apply our existing knowledge to solve problems of practical interest, while at the same time educating others and allowing them to reach their own potential.

He joined University College London (UCL) in 1984, and remains, in the Mathematics Department there as Goldsmid Professor of Applied Mathematics focussing on various branches of the subject. His earlier research interests spanned a broad variety of topics motivated mainly by problems in fluid dynamics. These included the very challenging areas of flow separation, transition and turbulence especially in terms of aerodynamic and biomedical applications. More recently industrial and biomedical applications have been the dominant motivations for Frank’s research. Added to these is his very recent research which has moved more towards social systems where he applies theoretical and computational methods.

  • Miscellaneous projects include: Windsocks; Incontinence; Medical Respirators; VideoJug; Sainsbury's

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