Departmental Colloquia

Spring 2017

All seminars (unless otherwise stated) will take place on Tuesdays at 3.00pm in Room Archeology G6 (31–34 Gordon Square). See the map for further details. There will be a small reception afterwards in Mathematics Room 502 (25 Gordon Street). If you require any more information on the  Departmental Colloquia please contact Prof Dima Vassiliev e-mail: d.vassiliev AT or tel: 020-7679-2442.

7 March 2017

Prof Imre Leader (Univeristy of Cambridge)

Tiling with arbitrary tiles

Tiling with arbitrary tiles


Suppose that we have a tile (a finite subset of the grid Z^d for some d). It may or may not tile Z^d, meaning that we can partition Z^d into copies of it. But what about tiling a higher dimension? We show that, for every tile, there is some grid Z^m that it tiles. This resolves a conjecture of Chalcraft.