The Dynamics of Rotating Fluids Meeting 2011

Friday 7 January 2011

A meeting on the above theme will be held on Friday 7 January 2011 in Room 500 (5th floor of the Mathematics/Students Union building). The programme is as follows:

1.20pm Peter Read (Oxford)

Experiments on geostrophic turbulence and convection on a beta plane: jets and vortices.

1.40pm Andrew Stewart (Oxford) 

The role of the complete Coriolis force in cross-equatorial abyssal ocean currents.

2.00pm Paul Williams (Reading) 

Testing the limits of quasi-geostrophic theory.

2.20pm David Marshall (Oxford) 

A constraint on the magnitude and structure of eddy potential vorticity fluxes.

2.40pm Victor Shrira (Keele)

Non-stationary columnar motions in rotating stratified Boussinesq fluids. Exact Eulerian and Lagrangian description.

3.10pm Tea
3.40pm Vladimir Zeitlin (LMD, Paris)

Coherent multipolar structures in rotating shallow water.

4.10pm Darryl Holm (Imperial)

Gradient Lamb vector and gradient PV dynamics of rotating incompressible fluids.

4.40pm Jonathan Healey (Keele)

Global instability of flow over a rotating disc.

5.00pm Close