Project Timetable

The project is quite a large-scale task and will take up quite a lot of time. It is therefore important that you start to work on it quickly, and follow the timetable given below.

1. Now (spring-summer term 2013):
(i) start thinking about which project you want to do, talk to supervisors, etc
(ii) see Dr Robert Bowles for LATEX training Thursday 23 May at 10.00  in Room 505 (25 Gordon Street) and Friday 24 May at 10.00  in Public Cluster 105 (25 Gordon Street).

2. BEFORE end of summer term 2013: project title and supervisor must have been agreed and project form returned. Any reading over summer discussed with supervisor.

3. Summer vacation: do some background reading and make a start on your project.

4. Beginning of autumn term 2013: meet supervisor and discuss your progress so far.

5. Mid-term autumn 2013: training on presentation skills. The tentative schedule is as below:

Friday, 08 November 2013, from 2-6pm in Room 500
Wednesday, 20 November 2013, from 2-6pm in Room 500

6. End of autumn term 2013: brief report on progress completed by supervisor and student and returned. Substantial progress should have been made on the project by this stage.

7. Early spring term 2014: practice talks. Also draft copy of written project submitted to supervisor.

8. Wednesday 12th March 2014, 4.00 pm: submission of three copies  of your written project to Departmental Office room 610, 25 Gordon Street.

9. During the last two weeks of term (17 - 28 March 2014): project presentations (talks).

10. After that: preparing for your other exams!

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