Choice of Project

See the list of project titles offered by members of staff. When you have found one that interests you, please then go to that member of staff to discuss it with them. If you particularly wish to do a project on a topic that is not offered, this may be possible; please discuss with a suitable member of staff.

Once you have found a member of staff to supervise you and have agreed with them the topic of the project and a general idea of what you will try to do in the project, please fill in the Project form, sign it and get it signed by your supervisor, and return it to Dr Roberts. Please note that you may not necessarily be able to do the project you want with the supervisor you want; members of staff cannot supervise too many projects, and will need to believe that the project they are offering is suitable for you.

If you have any queries or cannot find a suitable project, please discuss this with Dr Roberts in the first place.

Your project must be sorted out and the project form filled in and returned to Dr Roberts by the end of the summer term: click here to download the project form. You will need to do some preparatory work reading over the summer: please discuss this with your supervisor. 

Please also make sure you attend the LATEX training sessions: click here for further information.

Combined degrees

If you are doing one of the combined degrees Maths and Physics, Maths and Astrophysics, Maths and Statistics or Maths and Computer Science, you will probably be able to do a suitable 1-unit or 1.5-unit project course in the other department rather than MATHM901. In this case, you follow the guidelines, timetable, etc, of that project, and the rest of this document is not relevant to you, except for the project form which should be completed and returned. Please discuss with Dr Roberts.

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