All Options Available to BSc, MSci students

All Year 3 Mathematics Options

Please take a look at the Module Pathways to ensure that you meet the minimum requirements for each module.

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(i) Main Maths Options

(ii) Other Maths Options

(iii) Other Options

(iv) Outside Options

(i) Main Maths Options

Analysis modules MATH31**
Algebra modules MATH32**
Applied/Methods Mathematics modules MATH33** and MATH34**
Applicable Mathematics modules MATH35**, MATH36**
Number Theory modules MATH37**
Various modules (no dependence on specific modules)

The six M-level modules listed above are at Master’s level and have a 50% pass mark.  However, they should be suitable for reasonably strong 3rd year students.

(ii) Other Options

* Please note that it is necessary to register in the Statistics Department for any Statistics module, including these ones.

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