Module Information for Undergraduates

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Degree Structures and Options

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Mathematics Honours Year 1

Mathematics Honours Year 2

Mathematics Honours Year 3

MATH3101 Measure Theory

MATH3103 Functional Analysis

MATH3105 Probability

MATH3109 Multivariable Analysis

MATH3110 Linear Partial Differential Equations

MATH3113 Differential Geometry

MATH3201 Commutative Algebra

MATH3202 Galois Theory

MATH3203 Algebraic Topology

MATH3204 Representation Theory

MATH3301 Real Fluids

MATH3304 Geophysical Fluid Dynamics

MATH3305 Mathematics for General Relativity

MATH3307 Biomathematics

MATH3401 Mathematical Methods 5

MATH3402 Waves and Wave Scattering

MATH3502 Combinatorial Optimisation

MATH3503 Graph Theory and Combinatorics

MATH3506 Mathematical Ecology

MATH3508 Financial Mathematics

MATH3601 Introduction to Mathematica

MATH3603 Numerical Methods

MATH3703 Prime Numbers and their Distribution

MATH3704 Algebraic Number Theory

MATH3705 Elliptic Curves

MATH3801 Logic

MATH3802 History of Mathematics

Mathematics Honours Year 4

General Ancillary Courses

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