Module Information for MSc Mathematical Modelling

There is a Moodle page for MSc Mathematical Modelling plus the individual syllabuses, Moodle pages and timetables below.

Compulsory Modules

Optional Modules

The options chosen by each student for the First and Second Term are subject to the approval of the programme coordinator. A range of options will be available for students to select within UCL Mathematics Department. The options may vary each year. It is the student’s responsibility to seek out and select appropriate options without timetable clashes. For each student, the selected optional courses must be agreed by the MSc Tutor. By special arrangement, it may also be possible for students to take components run by other departments such as Statistics, etc.

MATHGM21 Quantitative and Computational Finance

MATHG302 Asymptotic Methods and Boundary Layer Theory

  • Syllabus
  • Moodle
  • Timetable:Please note: this course is not being offered in the academic session 2014-15 as the timetable clashes with compulsory module MATHGM05

MATHG303 Hyperbolic PDEs with Applications - NOT OFFERED IN 2014-15

  • Syllabus - NOT AVAILABLE
  • Moodle - NOT AVAILABLE
  • Timetable: Please note: this course is not being offered in the academic session 2014-15

MATHG304 Geophysical Fluid Dynamics

MATHG306 Cosmology*

*Important: Students wishing to take this course are strongly recommended to have completed a pre-requisite course in general relativity.

MATHG307 Biomathematics

MATHG402 Waves and Wave Scattering

MATHG501 Theory of Traffic Flow I

MATHG505 Evolutionary Games and Population Genetics

MATHG506 Mathematical Ecology

MATHG508 Financial Mathematics

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