Medieval, Renaissance and Early Modern Studies Research-in-Progress Seminars

Interdisciplinary seminars held twice a term to showcase the work of UCL research students working on Medieval, Renaissance and Early Modern issues.

Seminars take place on Thursdays at 5.30pm and are followed by wine and discussion.

All staff and postgraduates welcome.

Organised by:

For more information or if you wish to present your research at one of our seminars, please contact us.

Seminars, 2014-15

Term 1
  • Thursday 23 October 2014, 5.30pm, SELCS Common Room, Foster Court 307
  • Adam Greenwood (UCL Italian)
    'Marsilio Ficino and the Mirror of the Soul'
Term 2
  • Thursday 5 February 2015, time and venue to be confirmed
  • Deborah Dawkin (UCL Centre for Multidisciplinary and Intercultural Inquiry)
    'Early Modern Women Translators: A Re-evaluation of Their Creative and Political Agency'
  • Thursday 19 February 2015, 5.30pm, Italian Seminar Room, Foster Court 351
  • Timothy Demetris (UCL Italian)
    'Cardinal Oliviero Carafa's 1472 Naval Expedition against the Turks: A Historical Reconstruction from Unpublished Sources'

For the seminars in previous years, please see the webpage Medieval, Renaissance and Early Modern Studies Research-in-Progress Seminars: Past Seminars.

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