UCL Interdisciplinary Medieval and Renaissance Seminar: 2012/13

UCL's Medieval Interdisciplinary Seminar is a graduate-founded and run seminar which holds holds discussions across disciplines and departments, taking questions of  interest to Medievalists (writ large) as its point of departure.

Meetings take place on Mondays at 6.15 in Room G09/10 in UCL's History Department, 24-25 Gordon Square. All welcome, drinks afterwards.

Contact Emily Corran, Ella Cullen  or Alison Ray for more information.


15th October: Professor Michelle Brown, 'Understanding the Agenda of an Illuminated Manuscript's Patron: Sir Geoffrey Luttrell and his Psalter'

12th November: Dr  D.S.Chambers, 'The need for a cardinal in Rome. A Florentine problem in the Quattrocento'


4th February: Dr Alixe Bovey, 'Is there a sin in a lack of mirth? Amusing images in the age of Thomas Aquinas'

18th March: Dr Luke Sunderland, 'Sovereignty and Tyranny: The Chansons de geste in Italy'


13th May: Dr John Sabapathy, 'The political thinking of Pope Innocent III'

3rd June: Dr Alice Taylor, 'What was the law of homage and why did it matter?'

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