Personal tutoring

The MARS Degree Tutor assigns all MARS students to a personal tutor.

Your personal tutor supports you in academic matters and provides pastoral care. They can advise you on, for instance, writing technique, learning facilities and career opportunities; or write you letters of reference. If you encounter personal, financial or academic difficulties, you should see your tutor as soon as possible. Problems that fester become more difficult by the day. Your tutor will be able to refer you to the appropriate UCL facilities or services if he or she is unable to resolve a problem. Should you wish to speak to someone other than your personal tutor, see in the first instance the MARS Degree Tutor.

Group meetings will be on 27th September (an introduction to the MA and its staff) and in March (a dissertation writing/exam preparation workshop).

One-on-one meetings will be on 28th September (course selection/confirmation meeting with Dr Sabapathy), secondly at the end of the Autumn term and thirdly at the start of the Spring term. The purpose of these latter two meetings is to identify a dissertation topic, supervisor and discuss general progress. In their Induction Week meeting, Personal Tutors and Tutees should discuss, among other matters that may arise, course options, study plans for the coming year and personal tutoring arrangements.

Personal tutors are happy to see tutees in office hours or by appointment throughout the year.

You should bring a Personal Tutoring Meeting form, downloadable here, completed with your names and details, to each one-on-one meeting with your tutor.

Personal Tutors should consult the UCL online Personal Tutors' Handbook.

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