Medieval Language: Middle High German


Credits: 40

This course aims to provide a reading knowledge of Middle High German. We shall study the morphology, syntax and vocabulary of Middle High German, and we shall read and translate selected texts. The texts will be a mixture of literary works; there is some flexibility in the texts depending on student interest. Students should have a good reading knowledge of modern German.

Assessment: unseen three-hour written examination

Course tutor: Sebastian Coxon, German Department

Preparatory reading and coursebooks:

  • M. O'C. Walshe, A Middle High German Reader with Grammar, Notes and
  • Glossary, Oxford, 1974.
  • Sabine Rolle, Mittelhochdeutsches Lesebuch, Berlin, 2005.
  • Hermann Paul, Mittelhochdeutsche Grammatik, 25th revised edition by Thomas
  • Klein, Hans-Joachim Solms and Klaus-Peter Wegera, Tubingen, 2007.

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