Medieval and Renaissance Latin (Beginners)

Code: MDVLGL01 (30 credits), MDVLGL04 (additional 15 credit Medieval component)

Course tutor: Dr Marie-Pierre Gelin (Medieval Latin classes)

Time: Tuesdays 11-1, Thursdays 11-1, additional medieval session Fridays 1-2

This course is offered by the Department of Greek and Latin. It attracts students from many disciplines, including Classics, Ancient History, Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Theology and English. Students taking this course do not need to have any previous experience of learning Latin, although it may be useful to have some knowledge of a modern language.

In addition to the teaching provided by the Department of Greek and Latin, MARS students take additional weekly Latin classes with a MARS course tutor. Each week these additional classes illustrate a specific genre of source and students are required to translate passages prepared in advance. This part of the course teaches students how to translate medieval sources, with an emphasis on the basic skills: using a standard classical Latin dictionary; using medieval or Renaissance Latin dictionaries; individuating the first things to look for when translating a sentence; the importance of knowing how to tune the effort to the needs (sometimes understanding the sense is enough, at other times a carefully articulated translation is essential).

Assessment MDVLGL01: in class tests (25%) and a three-hour unseen examination (75%).

Assessment for MDVLGL04 Medieval component: a one-hour exam.

Preparatory reading: Students taking the course should obtain P.V. Jones & K. Sidwell, Reading Latin (Cambridge University Press), which consists of two books (i) Grammar, Vocabulary and Exercises and (ii) Text. In addition, the course tutor will supply photocopies of selected texts, including some medieval and Renaissance texts, particularly in the second term. The National Archives has a very helpful Beginner's Latin course: Latin 1086 – 1733: a practical online tutorial for beginners.

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