MA Medieval & Renaissance Studies

Application for 2016 entry is open!


The Dissertation should be spiral bound and a transparent acetate cover. The University of London Union provides a good binding service.

Please note the following points:

  • Dissertations should be typed on white A4 paper and double-spaced, except where noted below.
  • Recommended margins are: top = 1", bottom = 1", left = 1.5", right = 1”.
  • Page numbering should be continuous.
  • Spelling should follow the usage in any Oxford dictionary.
  • Use English forms of foreign place-names, except when recording the place of publication in an imprint.
  • Foreign words and phrases that have passed into common use should not be italicized, e.g. curriculum vitae rather than curriculum vitae.
  • Students must provide a full reference, in the text or in a footnote or endnote, for any point that is neither common knowledge nor their own original argument. ‘London is in England’ is an example of common knowledge. ‘London was the Los Angeles of the nineteenth century’ might be an example of the latter. See the page Footnotes.

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