MA Medieval & Renaissance Studies

Application for 2016 entry is open!


The dissertation should include, in this order, the following items:

  • A title page (downloadable example).
  • An abstract, not exceeding 200 words, of the topic, and of the result and conclusions, on a separate page headed ‘Abstract’.
  • A table of contents.
  • A list of abbreviations, if the dissertation uses any.
  • A list of Illustrations, if the dissertation has any.
  • Acknowledgements (if not mentioned in the preface). Help or information received from your Supervisor or Supervisors and anyone else must be adequately acknowledged.
  • The main text. The main text should consist of an introduction, chapters and a concluding chapter. Every page of the text should be numbered, including any illustrations and the bibliography, and each illustration should itself be numbered; e.g.: "Fig. 1".
  • An appendix or appendices, if any.
  • A bibliography listing all books or articles cited in the dissertation. Do not cite books or articles that you have not cited. See further Bibliography.
  • An index (optional).

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