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Migne's Patrologia Latina remains an indispensible resource for medieval and renaissance scholars. As with most of the library, students can borrow from this series. We also have them online, as with many other resources.
  • Coursework:

Students should always follow the submission guidance of the teaching department for the module that they are taking, except in the case of courses with an MDVL code.

In the case of courses (including the dissertation) with an MDVL code students should follow History department submission guidelines.  Guidance for submitting coursework (including penalties for late submission and overlength) is included in the Postgraduate Handbook (link above).

MDVL Essay coversheet

MDVL Extension Request

Dissertation proposal form - these should be completed and handed in to the Postgraduate Administrator by 31 January 2014

Dissertation Cover Template

Deadline for submission of dissertation - 4pm, 15th September 2014

All dissertations should be submitted following the same guidelines as MDVL courses (see above).

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