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LUX dark matter detector

Detecting dark matter

The kind of matter and energy we can see and touch – whether it is in the form of atoms and molecules, or heat and light, only forms a tiny proportion of the content of the Universe, only about 5%. Over a quarter is dark matter, which is totally invisible but whose gravitational attraction can be detected; while over two thirds is dark energy, a force that pushes the Universe to expand ever faster.

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What can the faculty office offer?

There are many ways of engaging with the public around your work.

The MAPS faculty office can help staff and students with many kinds of public engagement by providing support, facilities, expertise and publicity.

Working with you, we can:

  • Write and distribute press releases (in collaboration with UCL Media Relations)
  • Take, process, publish and distribute photos and research images
  • Film, produce, edit and publish short videos and interviews
  • Publicise papers and research projects
  • Organise events
  • Offer advice and guidance on using resources elsewhere at UCL (publication design, marketing, photography, video editing, etc)

The faculty office can help as much or as little as is required – we recognise that some academics already have considerable media experience and will need little hand-holding, while others are less familiar.


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