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25 July 2013: UCL awarded multimillion pound grant for green energy technologies

UCL, along with partner institutions, has just been awarded a multimillion pound research grant from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council. Split between researchers in the faculties of Mathematical and Physical Sciences and Engineering Sciences, the project covers grid-scale energy storage. More...

24 July 2013: Two UCL researchers awarded Daiwa Adrian Prize

Two UCL researchers, Professor Alexander Shluger and Dr Peter Sushko (both from UCL Physics & Astronomy and London Centre for Nanotechnology), have been awarded one of the 2013 Daiwa Adrian Prizes, which recognise significant scientific collaboration between Japanese and British research teams. The team was awarded the prize jointly with researchers at the Tokyo Institute of Technology for a longstanding collaboration in materials science. More...

11 July 2013: Solar tsunami used to measure Sun’s magnetic field

A solar tsunami observed by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) and the Japanese Hinode spacecraft has been used to provide the first accurate estimates of the Sun's magnetic field. More...

8 July 2013: UCL astrophysicists present latest research at National Astronomy Meeting

Astrophysicists from UCL Physics and Astronomy and UCL's Mullard Space Science Laboratory have been presenting their latest results at the National Astronomy Meeting (NAM). The week-long event is the biggest annual astronomy conference in the country, and is organised by the Royal Astronomical Society. More...

8 July 2013: Scientists solve titanic puzzle of popular photocatalyst

A breakthrough in our understanding of the properties of titania (titanium dioxide) - the basis of self-cleaning window technology - has been made by scientists at UCL, uncovering a decades old misunderstanding that has clouded our knowledge of how mixed phase [1] titania catalysts operate. More...

3 July 2013: Celebrating 150 years of Japan-UCL links

In 1863, the first Japanese students to leave their country and study at a Western university came to UCL. At the time, Japan was a closed society with few links to the outside world, and it was still illegal for Japanese people to leave their country.Known as the Choshu Five, these students played a huge role in opening up Japan to the world after their return, and played important roles in Japanese history. Among their number were a future prime minister, the man who would found the Japanese railways, and one of the founders of the University of Toyko.

1 July 2013: Ice Worlds at the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition

The mysterious Ice Worlds of the outer solar system are being brought to life this week at the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition.

1 July 2013: Chemistry research needs vocal industry support

In an article published in Royal Society of Chemistry News today, Prof Richard Catlow (Executive Dean of UCL Mathematical and Physical Sciences) outlines why chemical research needs to be recognised by industry. More...

1 July 2013: UCL physicists recognised in Institute of Physics awards

Two UCL physicists have been recognised by the Institute of Physics today. More...

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