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LUX dark matter detector

Detecting dark matter

The kind of matter and energy we can see and touch – whether it is in the form of atoms and molecules, or heat and light, only forms a tiny proportion of the content of the Universe, only about 5%. Over a quarter is dark matter, which is totally invisible but whose gravitational attraction can be detected; while over two thirds is dark energy, a force that pushes the Universe to expand ever faster.

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30 October 2013: First results from world’s most sensitive dark matter detector

After its first run of more than three months, operating a mile underground in the Black Hills of South Dakota, a new experiment named LUX has proven itself the most sensitive dark matter detector in the world. More...

29 October 2013: Striking research images sought for UCL competition

Does your research produce images that have aesthetic and artistic appeal? If so, consider entering the annual ‘Research Images as Art / Art Images as Research’ competition and exhibition. More...

28 October 2013: New material for quantum computing discovered out of the blue

A common blue pigment used in the £5 note could have an important role to play in the development of a quantum computer, according to a paper published today in the journal Nature. More...

11 October 2013: Iron in the Earth’s core weakens before melting

The iron in the Earth’s inner core weakens dramatically before it melts, explaining the unusual properties that exist in the moon-sized solid centre of our planet that have, up until now, been difficult to understand. More...

11 October 2013: ExoMars Rover uses PanCam to explore Atacama Desert

This week saw the most ambitious test yet of the European Space Agency’s ExoMars Rover, when - remotely controlled by scientists in the UK - it explored the Atacama Desert in South America. More...

8 October 2013: Peter Higgs & François Englert win Nobel Prize for Physics

Peter Higgs and François Englert have won the 2013 Nobel Prize for Physics, for their work in the 1960s that led to the concept of a mass-giving particle now known as the Higgs Boson.  More...

7 October 2013: The shocking truth about solar eruptions

The Sun gives light and heat that makes life possible on Earth. That said, our nearest star can have more sinister effects, sometimes unleashing huge eruptions of hot gas, called coronal mass ejections (CMEs), which carry billions of tons of matter travelling at millions of kilometres an hour into space. These storms can be accompanied by solar radio bursts, and if they head in Earth’s direction, they can cause damaging effects on many of the technologies that we rely on in our everyday lives, such as communications satellites and mobile phone networks.

4 October 2013: New X-ray vision can reveal internal structure of objects

A team of scientists, including UCL Chemistry's Andrew Beale, has developed a new kind of X-ray vision that is able to peer inside an object and map the three-dimensional distribution of its nano-properties in real time. More...

3 October 2013: Winners of Faculty Teaching Award announced

The faculty is delighted to be able to announce the winners of the MAPS Faculty Teaching Awards 2013.  The panel received a strong field of nominations for two categories. More...

1 October 2013: Raman Prinja commended for children's science book

Prof Raman Prinja (UCL Physics and Astronomy) has just won the School Library Association Information Book Award (age 7-12 category). His book, Science Crazy, co-authored with Steve Parker, explores science, with facts and activities covering physics, chemistry, astronomy and biology. The award was decided by a public vote of children around the country.

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