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Illuminating illumination: what lights up the universe?

New research from UCL shows that we will soon uncover the origin of the ultraviolet light that bathes the cosmos. A full understanding is long sought-after, because the intensity and distribution of the light changes everything from galaxies that trace dark matter to scraps of gas that probe dark energy. UCL cosmologists Andrew Pontzen and Hiranya Peiris (both UCL Physics & Astronomy), together with collaborators at Princeton and Barcelona Universities, have shown how forthcoming astronomical surveys will reveal the illuminating sources. Their study is published today in the Astrophysical Journal Letters. More...

UCL Academy student wins place at UCL

UCL Academy student Brahim Mansour has become the first-ever pupil at the UCL-sponsored school to be accepted for a place at UCL.

Dark Energy Survey kicks off second season cataloguing deep space

UCL scientists are set to continue investigations into why expansion of the universe is speeding up, having already secured high quality early data. More...

School pupils experience space science at UCL

A group of secondary school students have designed their own space missions during a new week-long work experience programme at the UCL Mullard Space Science Laboratory (MSSL). More...

National Student Survey: improvement in student satisfaction

Student satisfaction at UCL has risen by 2%, according to the latest National Student Survey (NSS) results. More...

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