MAPS Faculty Enterprise Forum

The MAPS Enterprise Forum comprises representatives of all the MAPS faculty departments and major institutions. Enterprise covers the subject area of 'Knowledge Exchange' including contract research, sponsored research, spin-outs, partnering, licensing, consultancy and continued professional development. The forum is also concerned with societal impact.

The forum is part of the overall UCL enterprise landscape and provides:

  • a dissemination route for information about enterprise related initiatives orginiating either within UCL or more widely
  • a mechanism for monitoring the level of enterprise activity within the MAPS faculty
  • a local point of contact for staff who wish to take forward or become involved in an enterprise initiative
  • a discussion base from adaptions and improvements can be proposed to UCL's enterprise landscape
  • a direct link between the MAPS vice-Dean enterprise and the individual departments and institutions

Members of the Forum are:

Professor Alan Smith - Coordinator and vice-Dean, Enterprise
Professor Arokia Nathan - London Centre for Nanotechnology
Dr Brian Balmer - Department of Science and Technology Studies
Professor Frank Smith - Department of Mathematics
Dr Helen Hailes - Department of Chemistry
Professor Neal Skipper - Department of Physics and Astronomy
Professor Quentin Pankhurst - RI*
Dr Richard Cole - Space and Climate Physics
Dr Serge Guillas - Department of Statistical Science

*RI - Royal Institution of Great Britain Davy-Faraday Research Laboratory (DFRL), Quentin is Director linked in through P&A 

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