Help a student with financial concerns 

8 October 2010

There are over 20,000 students from nearly 140 countries at UCL. Educated by exceptional, dedicated teachers, they experience a dynamic learning environment in one of the world’s most exciting cities. It’s a demanding place to study – but for some it’s not just the academic work that is a challenge. The cost of being at university can prove overwhelming and each year there are students who would not be able to remain at UCL without financial assistance.

Rebecca Burns (Speech Sciences, year 2) receives a scholarship which she says is incredibly important for her:“My loans and grants barely cover my living costs. I have a job which helps, but towards exam time I didn’t want to have to work long hours, yet I’d have worried about money if I didn’t. The scholarship takes a weight off my shoulders and means I can make the most of my time here.”

Your gift can help other students in Rebecca’s situation, making sure that the only challenge they face is how to make the most of the opportunities available to them at UCL.

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