2008 Grads Surprise Champions of Philanthropy

8 October 2010

Recent news headlines could leave you thinking philanthropy is the last thing on the minds of graduating students, but UCL’s class of 2008 has proved this isn’t the case.  In the last year an unprecedented proportion of gifts to UCL have come from recent graduates.  The big boost was an unexpected gesture of support from many who have left to join the working world only a short time ago.  

2008 graduates were telephoned by a current student to talk about their experiences since leaving UCL and their advice for those who will soon be taking that step.  The graduates were also asked to support UCL with a regular gift of £3 a month and the resulting response was overwhelmingly positive.

Nadia Menuhin (UCL French 2008) explained, “My £3 a month is a way to say thank you for my unique experience and for all the help that I received.”

Hamish Stewart, Head of the Annual Fund at UCL, said of the success, “I think this reflects how those leaving UCL want to maintain their connection – and they want to acknowledge the skills and experience they have gained from their time at UCL.  

“Our calls have also been a great way to create a sense of community among our recent graduates – encouraging them to reflect on how they can continue to maintain their relationship with UCL.”

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