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Give to UCL

If it wasn’t for UCL, how might your own life have been different?

As a former student, you know the value of a UCL education even more than I do – not just the qualifications we gain here, but the doors it will have opened in your personal and professional life. UCL is a fantastic university. As a current undergraduate just starting out on my second year in the Laws Faculty, I’m so proud to be a part of the UCL community. I can’t imagine ever losing that connection. And I hope you feel it too, because there’s something important I need to ask you - as a member of our community.

If you gained a lot from UCL, will you consider giving something back?

Will you make a gift to UCL to ensure that the most deserving students have the same life-changing opportunities that you and I have benefitted from, and to enrich their experience of UCL? (I wouldn’t ask if I wasn’t prepared to do this myself. As soon as I’m earning money, UCL will be getting some of it!)

It is especially thanks to donations from alumni that bright ambitious students from less privileged backgrounds can take up their places at UCL. The financial side is pretty daunting these days. Without help, you can easily think "Oh my gosh, how am I going to manage this?" 

I really don’t know how I would have coped without my bursary. I came from the kind of school in East London where no one went on to university. And when you’re female, from an ethnic minority background and your family don’t have much money, it can feel like a lot of glass ceilings to break through. Knowing that alumni want to help is invaluable.

Alumni gifts play a vital role – and  it’s not just about the money; it’s knowing that people who once studied here have the belief in you to achieve something - that they want you to do well and make the best of your life. It encourages you to do all you can to make the university and those generous alumni proud.

Will you join the alumni who help open doors for the brightest students?

Only alumni understand just how special UCL is. The fundamental experience of being here has not changed since your student days. There is still the same push for academic excellence. The clubs and societies are still amazing. And there is still the same sense of all being part of one UCL community.

Jeremy Bentham’s ideal of a university based on merit, not background, is still thriving here. You can come from anywhere, be going anywhere, hold any kind of belief and still fit in – just as UCL’s founders anticipated. And it is thanks to support from alumni that students can make the most of this opportunity – and take their experience out into the world as truly global citizens. For me, this means recognising you’re part of a wider world and the effect your actions have on other people - especially the positive impact they can have. 

Your gift today could have just such a positive impact.

Over the years, alumni gifts have paid for labs and library books, built our new Students' Union building and helped hundreds if not thousands of students with scholarships and bursaries who would not have been able to come here without them. And above all that, UCL’s alumni have inspired people like me and lifted our ambition.

Will you help UCL students make the most of the opportunities they have?

If you were able to make a gift today, you would be supporting the next generation of UCL achievers – those who will become the custodians of our university’s reputation. A gift like this is also a rewarding and wonderful way to give something back to UCL and play an active role in your university’s future.

Thank you so much. I really appreciate your support for UCL and other students like me.

Janani Paramsothy

Janani Paramsothy
Second year, UCL Law
UCL bursary recipient

P.S. I fell in love with UCL when I first came for the open day and it has lived up to my expectations – and even more. If you also gained a lot from UCL, please consider giving something back in this fantastically positive way. Give online

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