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In September 2016 UCL will launch a major new Campaign for long-term global fundraising and community engagement that will underpin the delivery of some of the university’s biggest ambitions.

To ensure its success, we are building a network of Campaign Champions – members of staff who are helping us to raise awareness and engagement with the Campaign in a variety of ways.

Find out more about the Campaign and how you can get involved here, and please contact us at

The Development and Alumni Relations Office can also provide help and advice to departments or individuals seeking to engage with donors or alumni. If that's your case please read the Toolkit for UCL staff

About the Campaign

What is the Campaign for UCL?

The Campaign is a major UCL strategy for long-term global fundraising and community engagement that will underpin the delivery of some of the university’s biggest ambitions.

Aligned to the priorities of UCL 2034, it is focused on four main themes that showcase our distinctiveness and impact – students, health, London and disruptive thinking.

Over the course of the Campaign, we aim to massively increase the number of people who are engaged and interested in UCL and view their relationship with UCL as a lifelong one. Wherever they are in the world, we want staff, current students, alumni, volunteers, mentors, and supporters to share their expertise and influence on our behalf. Through our news, events and other activities we want members of the public to interact with the university either in person or online and build awareness of our global brand.

We will also set an ambitious fundraising target to support projects that will transform the lives of individuals and communities worldwide – ranging from dementia research to student experience and support.

What does it mean for staff and students?

We hope that staff and students will be excited by the Campaign and get involved in whatever way they can (see below for ideas).

Both the fundraising and engagement strands of the Campaign have the potential to have a positive impact on the experience of individual students and staff members, as well as on the university as a whole.

For academic staff, fundraising and engagement will significantly improve what they are able to achieve – through better facilities, more staff at all levels, and more opportunities for cross-disciplinary working. For all staff, building on UCL’s global reputation will benefit our ability to attract the best staff, students and partners.

Student experience is a key part of the Campaign, and while most current students will not directly benefit from our major new investments in facilities and financial support, they will all be advantaged by the increased visibility and reputation of UCL on the global stage, and by being part of an even bigger and more active professional and social network.

Why are philanthropy and engagement important to UCL?

Philanthropic giving hugely expands what UCL is able to do and extends the reach of its excellence and expertise in research, translation, teaching and student experience.

It means, for example, that we can invest in major long-term projects, such as the Dementia Research Institute and UCL East, confident that our ability to deliver them successfully will not be compromised by any changes in government funding. In particular, developing a pool of unrestricted funding allows the university to be agile to opportunities and set its own priorities.

The wider, non-financial engagement of our global communities also helps to create a richer experience and wider level of support for students, alumni and staff – through professional development and networking, volunteering and mentoring, and social activities.

What’s happening and when?

The Campaign will publicly launch on Thursday 15 September with a high profile on campus event to which all staff will be invited. This will be followed by a series of international and local events, including a UCL Festival in 2017.

News and events will be updated at which will go live on 15 September and will host a range of information and updates about the priority projects.

What are the main projects?

Some of the current projects and focuses that the Campaign will support are:

  • Neuroscience, dementia research and the development of Queen’s Square
  • Cancer research
  • The Institute for Advances Studies
  • Excellence Fellowships
  • UCL East
  • Centre for Access to Justice
  • New Student Centre
  • Student support with a particular focus on widening participation

How were they chosen?

The Campaign priorities are aligned with UCL 2024 and were developed by DARO and UCL’s senior management team in close consultation with the academic community.

Be a Campaign Champion

What are Campaign Champions?

Staff involvement is vital to the success of the Campaign, and our Campaign Champions will help us raise awareness of what’s going on through their faculties, departments and networks. 

In return we can offer access to a range of exclusive and exciting events throughout the Campaign – your name will be on all of our guest lists!

How can I support the Campaign?

Champions can support the Campaign in a variety of ways depending on their time, resources, interests and work environment. Some ideas include:

  • Join the mailing list for Campaign updates
  • Share Campaign news, events and updates in department/team meetings
  • Hold ‘meet a fundraiser’ sessions in your department (see below for support DARO can offer)
  • Make UCL your charity for sponsored runs, cake bakes and any other activities
  • Promote the Campaign through your work and personal social media channels
  • Update us so we can share your activities through the Champions network

Please also let us know about the important supporters, alumni and donors in your department or areas of work – we can invite them to special events and offer other support to help you keep them engaged. 

How can DARO support me?

These are some ways DARO can support you as a Campaign Champion – let us know if you have other ideas!

  • Provide updates and share activities through our mailing list
  • Come to your meeting to provide a speed update and overview of the campaign and the impact of philanthropy at UCL
  • Provide posters, cards, pens and other material to share with staff and keep awareness up
  • Provide branded digital images, cards and messages to share over social media

Get in touch with for Campaign collateral.

More generally, DARO can help you with accepting and managing gifts – see this toolkit for more information.

How can I get news and updates about the Campaign?

Please keep in touch by emailing and we will add you to our mailing list.

News, videos and other content will be available on the Campaign website – - launching on 15 September and follow our alumni relations team on Twitter @UCLAlumni

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