Pascale in her office at the Molecular and Cultural Evolution Laboratory in University College London

Pascale Gerbault

PhD researcher
Pascale graduated in Biology before pursuing her interests in population genetics and human genetic evolution. She is currently doing a PhD on modelling the spread of lactase persistence and dairying throughout Europe. The aim of this PhD is to integrate both archaeological and genetic information to get a better understanding of this example of gene-culture co-evolution. Her PhD is part of the FP7 Marie-Curie network called LeCHE
Office: 020 7679 4397

Modeling the spread of dairying and lactase persistence in Europe (Lactase persistence and Early Cultural History of Europe (LeCHE), FP7 Marie-Curie network.

Inferring goat domestication process in Europe using mtDNA diversity in collaboration with Amelie Scheu and Joachim Burger at the Palaeogenetics Group, Mainz, Germany.