Katherine in her office at the MACE Laboratory in University College London

Katherine (Kate) Brown

PhD Candidate
Kate graduated from the University of Leicester, with a BSc degree in Medical Genetics, after completing a project with Professor Mark Jobling & Dr Ed Hollox. During her undergraduate she undertook an Erasmus year abroad, in Paris where she contributed to a project of genotyping and phenotyping the progression of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy in humans and mice. Kate joined the MACE team in 2011, and is expected to complete her PhD research project in 2015.

Kate has a strong background in human genetics, with an emphasis in population genetics and a keen interest for nutrition and metabolism, and hopes to pursue a career combining these passions.
Project: For her BBSRC-CASE Industrial studentship with Unilever, Kate is investigating the molecular evolution of carbohydrate digestive enzymes through the use of bioinformatic data mining, genotyping and a clinical trial.

The clinical trial, ‘Postprandial effects of genetic variation on carbohydrate digestion’ known colloquially as the ‘GenCHO’ study is registered in the ISCRTN database and was designed and carried out as part of her studentship. Kate developed the protocol, successfully applied for NHS REC approval and ran the study from start to finish recruiting over 150 participants.
Office: 020 7679 4397
Online: twitter.com/EvolutionOfKate