Various commentaries in the international press that either mention our research, or contain our commentary on other research.

NPR genealogy eastman
 NPR online coverage
Eastman's online Genealogy Newsletter
smallmicrophone el pais
CBC radio discussing our research on the Paleo diet
El Pais online coverage
bbc 2015 100 things conversation property rights
BBC News online. Dec 2015
Number 66
The Conversation online. Nov 2015
nautilus BBC News milk
Nautilus online coverage Sept 2014
BBC News online coverage June 2015
guardianRedHead bionews
Guardian Online coverage July 2014
Bionews online coverage May 2014
newScientist new_scientist_inbreeding
New Scientist online coverage Jan 2014 New Scientist online coverage Nov 2013
science and society nature-denisovians
Science and Society July 2013 Nature online news and comment Nov 2013
new scientist richard III pringle2hp
New Scientist online coverage Feb 2013 Scientific American, March 2013
guardian richard III guardian
Guardian online coverage Feb 2013 Guardian online coverage Feb 2013
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NPR online coverage Dec 2012
Significance Magazine online coverage Feb 2013
slate news discovery
Slate online coverage Oct 2012
News Discovery online coverage Dec 2012
mammoth nature-pottery
BBC online coverage March 2012
Nature online coverage June 2012
evolution mens health
The Times, Feb 2011 Men's health, March 2011
Remarkable Research physOrgFrench
Remarkable Research by Shaun Holt & Iona MacDonald, 2010 online coverage Dec 2009
bbcNewsAfrica physOrgFrench
BBC News online coverage May 2009 online coverage Dec 2009
beautiful people anthropology today
Sunday Times, 30th July 2006 Anthropology Today, 4th Aug 2002
UCLnews-07-2002 heritage
UCL Newsletter, Jul/Aug 2002 (Broadcast) Anthropology Today, June 1999
Israel doubt mummy
Jewish Chronicle, 22nd Jan 1999 The Independent, 27th Sept 1998