Lungs for Living Research Centre



We have a comprehensive research program that involves laboratory investigation with a strong theme of developing new treatments for lung cancer and understanding the processes causing and controlling the disease.

We also have a track record of delivering high quality clinical research projects involving the early diagnosis and staging of patients with lung cancer, the main themes are summarised below along with examples of current projects.

Understanding how lung cancer starts

Diagnosing and staging of lung cancer research

  • Lung homeostasis and stem cell biology
  • Studies of changes of molecular changes associated with lung cancer progression
  • Discovering novel molecular mechanisms of carcinogenesis
  • Understanding pre-invasive lung cancer lesion progression and developing novel treatments
  • Understanding field cancerisation
  • Developing cellular therapies for cancer
  • Interventional bronchoscopy and Endobronchial Ultrasound (EBUS)
  • We lead the LungSEARCH trial
  • We lead the Lung-BOOST trial
  • With our MRI colleagues we lead the STREAMLINE trial

Developing new treatments for lung cancer

Airway regeneration

  • Photodynamic therapy and the PEARL trial
  • Replacing diseased airway and REGENVOX2 trial

Research Groups

Airway Regeneration and Carcinogenesis Group - Prof Sam Janes

We are interested in understanding how the stem cells of the airway maintain our epithelial layer and importantly what happens when things go wrong. In particular we study the mechanisms controlling cell fate decisions and define whether it is failure of control of these cells that causes early lung cancer lesions.

This work fits our clinical interest in monitoring a large cohort of patients with pre-invasive lung cancer lesions.

Our group also investigates the potential of using bone marrow stem cells to deliver anti-cancer therapies. This work is funded by Wellcome and is building towards a clinical trial.

Finally we have a group working on airway regeneration, again understanding the key mechanisms of airway epithelial proliferation and differentiation with and endpoint of supplying the epithelial lining of clinical tracheal and laryngeal grafts.

Please visit  Sam Janes' IRIS profile for further biographical information.

Clinical Trials Group - Dr Neal Navani

Neal Navani is a Clinician and Clinical Trialist at UCLH and is based academically at the L4L centre.

We have run several successful trials through UCLH and Neal has an honorary contract with the MRC clinical trials unit.

One of Neal's main aims is to make UCLH the key centre for interventional and diagnostic trials and other treatment (non-chemotherapy) and non-treatment trials for lung cancer.