Moorfields Eye Hospital Museum

A rare Hermann von Helmholtz ophthalmoscope, an artificial leech, a Pfister and Streit ophthalmometer and a Hardy Keratometer, are just some of the ophthalmic exhibits on display at a new museum created by the Moorfields Alumni Association. Housed in the library at the Institute of Ophthalmology in Bath Street, this unique collection, dating from the 1720’s and its archive material of books, scientific papers, watercolours of the human eye and other memorabilia, provides an intriguing insight into the history and development of instruments, treatments, eye disease and care at Moorfields Eye Hospital. The collection is divided into five main sections including old microscopes, surgical instruments, the testing of vision and memorabilia. Pieces include: the first binocular ophthalmoscope from 1861, a chunky eye magnet for “removing metal foreign bodies”, Eskimo shades used to reduce glare in snow conditions, ivory handled surgical knives, other sight testing equipment, instruments and an amblyopia training set. A series of information panels within each display case guide the visitor to the origins of the items.