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Title:Little Magazines, Alternative Press and Poetry Store Collections
Description:The Little Magazines Collection was set up in 1964, and the Poetry Store Collection soon after to complement it. A selection of Alternative (or Underground Press) publications was added in the mid-sixties. The collection now consists of current and defunct Little Magazines, underground and alternative press material, and small press publishing, mainly poetry, from the UK, USA, Commonwealth, and other countries. Little Magazines publish creative, often innovative work, with little regard for commercial gain. They often have small print runs and may last for relatively few issues. The Poetry Store contains small press publications, mostly of poetry but also including fiction and creative work in other media. There are also books either about Little Magazines and small press activities or of a more general critical or background nature. The holdings are strongest from the mid-sixties onwards, but there has been a good deal of retrospective acquisition of earlier publications. The collection of Alternative Press material includes various community newsletters, underground comics, arts bulletins, and radical papers.
Physical Extent:c.10,500 volumes. Books, pamphlets, magazines, cards, posters, unusual objects. The Poetry Store, accessed via the Stores Service, contains over 7,000 titles, and the Little Magazines and Alternative Press Collection, housed in Special Collections, contains over 3,500 titles.
Catalogue Information:Catalogue records for most items are available via the UCL Library Services online catalogue, but holdings records are incomplete. Please check with Special Collections staff.
Accrual Status:Policy: active, selective. Method: purchase, deposit. Periodicity: irregular, periodic.
Note:Little Magazines, Alternative Press and Poetry Store Collections at UCL. See also: "Catalogue of Little Press Books in Print". "Ezra Pound in the magazines: an exhibition…" (1977). "The International Directory of Little Magazines and Small Presses". "Little Magazines: an exhibition held in the Library… 1966" (1967). "Little magazines, small presses, underground and alternative presses: an exhibition held in the library…" (1992). Hoffman, " The Little Magazine". Noyce, "The Directory of British Alternative Periodicals 1965- 74". Sader, "Comprehensive Index to Little Magazines 1890-1970". G. Soar, 'Little Magazines at University College London', "Times Literary Supplement", (23 March 1967), p.256. G. Soar, 'Little Magazines at UCL: 11 years on', "Assistant Librarian", 71(10) (Oct 1978), pp. 106-10. G. Soar, 'Little magazines', "UCL News", 2(3) (Dec 1990), pp. 12-13. G. Soar and D. Miller, "Interaction and overlap from the Little Magazine and Small Press collection…" (1994).
Strength:Of international significance.
Start Date:c.1890
End Date:present
Holding Institution:UCL (University College London)
Access Information:Access to Special Collections at UCL; Accessing material via the Stores Service at UCL.
Postal Address:Special Collections, Library Services, UCL (UCL (University College London)), Gower Street, London. Stores Service, Library Services, UCL (University College London), DMS Watson Building, Malet Place, London
Postcode:WC1E 6BT
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