Mary Wykes on brightening up the commute

30 August 2012

I work in the Division of Psychology & Language Sciences at UCL. I volunteered during the Olympics as a mobility team member based at the main stadium. I assisted less able spectators from the buggy stops to their seats, which was often quite a distance.

Mary Wykes with her mobility team

I enjoyed my time there immensely. It was interesting to meet such a wide variety of people, both clients and fellow team members – and very satisfying.

As a lifelong London commuter I am used to people generally keeping to themselves. The reaction to the volunteer uniform was something I have not experienced before. People would chat to me, ask questions and offer their (mostly positive) opinions, which is a rare thing indeed for the tube.

The opportunity to see some of the athletics live and the closing ceremony was very exciting. Overall I would have to say it was one of the most positive experiences that I have had in my life in London. I am very glad that I gave up two weeks of my annual leave to do it!

Mary Wykes, far left, with fellow volunteers