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UCL involvement

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Thumbnail: Magic tricks in St Pancras stationThumbnail: Olympian minds eventThumbnail: Olympic ideals eventThumbnail: Optimising performance eventThumbnail: Rowing for goldThumbnail: Why do we hold separate Paralympic and Olympic eventsThumbnail: Transport and the Olympic LegacyThumbnail: The Long Legacy, London 2062


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UCL academic and Olympic choir aim for Christmas number one

Professor Valerie Hazan (UCL Speech Hearing and Phonetic Sciences) sings with the Games Maker choir, made up of more than 300 volunteers from this summer’s Olympic and Paralympic Games. Their single, ‘I Wish For You The World’, is written by Alistair Griffin, who has written a number of sports-related tracks. Read more and watch the video on UCL News. More...

A Culture of Success Will be the Olympics' Greatest Legacy

Professor Stephen Caddick (UCL Vice-Provost, Enterprise) talks about how, post-Olympics, our newly instilled culture of self-belief could yet be the greatest legacy. Read: Huffington Post More...

Joel Joseph's experience taking part in the London 2012 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony

Joel Joseph, a UCL Ear Institute student, took part in the hugely spectacular Olympic games opening ceremony viewed by an estimated one billion people worldwide. Read more at the UCL Ear Institute website.