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    UCL has outstanding intellectual and cultural resources. A central part of our mission is to make these publicly accessible, and engage with our local community and London as a whole.

    1. Outreach

    UCL Outreach works with groups under-represented in university education, each year:

    • UCL works with more than 20,000 young people, 900 parents, 400 teachers and 140 state schools.
    • 150 student mentors and tutors are placed in London schools to raise aspirations and demystify university life.

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    2. Volunteering at UCL

    In 2011 UCL students volunteered for 1,370 hours, offering valuable skills and energy to good causes around the city.

    • The Volunteering Services Unit is working on 150 projects across London.
    • The number of UCL student volunteers has grown by nearly 400% in the past five years.

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    3. Museums

    UCL has three museums open to the public, which share their extensive and important collections through a wide-ranging programme of exhibitions and workshops.

    • The UCL Art Museum contains more than 10,000 objects including paintings.
    • The Grant Museum is the only remaining university zoological museum in London. It houses approximately 67,000 specimens.
    • The Petrie Museum houses an estimated 80,000 objects.

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    4. Public Events

    Public Engagement

    We are the only London university to be a Beacon of Public Engagement, working with partners to build closer involvement between universities, local communities and the wider public. UCL's Public Engagement Unit has:

    • created partnerships with more than 230 organisations
    • funded more than 90 public engagement projects.

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    Lunch Hour Lectures

    UCL has held its popular series of Lunch Hour Lectures since 1942, offering an opportunity for anyone to sample the university’s exceptional research work.

    • UCL held 32 Lunch Hour Lectures in 2010-11 with an average audience of 175 people.
    • 48,780 people watched these lectures on YouTube.

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    UCL Volunteer Hours