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UCL and London: Presentation transcript

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  • UCL is located right in the heart of central London
  • Bringing significant benefits to London:

    • Attracting the world’s brightest people to the capital
    • Sharing impressive academic and cultural resources

Volunteering in the community

  • And through the energy and creativity of its student body...
  • ... London in turn offers important benefits to our academics and students:

The Crick Institute

  • UCL plays a central role in ground-breaking partnerships such as the new Francis Crick Institute. 

The British Museum

  • UCL is surrounded by the greatest concentration of academic resources in Europe.
  • Within easy walking distance of the British Library and British Museum

City of London

UCL's teaching and research enjoys important benefits from close links with industry and business

Houses of Parliament

  • UCL's close relationships with NGOs, think tanks and UK government enables it to:

    • Work together to achieve more   
    • Ensure its research addresses society’s most pressing needs
    • Have greater influence on policy development.

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