UCL and London: Presentation transcript

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  • UCL is located in the heart of central London, bringing significant benefits to the city:

    • attracting the world’s brightest people to the capital
    • sharing impressive academic and cultural resources
    • and strengthening community life through the commitment of our students.
  • London, in turn, offers important benefits to our staff and students:

    • UCL plays a central role in ground-breaking partnerships such as the new Francis Crick Institute. 
    • We are surrounded by the greatest concentration of academic resources in Europe

      • Within easy walking distance of the British Library and British Museum
    • Our teaching and research is enriched through close links with industry and business
    • Our relationships with UK government, charities and other bodies enables us to:

      • work together to tackle major problems   
      • have greater influence on policy development
      • ensure our research addresses society's most pressing needs.