Welcome to the website of the London Down Syndrome Consortium. This website has been designed to incorporate information for participants, carers/parents and researchers interested in Down syndrome and dementia.


Down syndrome in the news

PRESS RELEASE: Our Spanish colleagues have just published a new finding that green tea extracts may be beneficial to people with Down syndrome. Their paper in the Lancet Neurology presents their results from a clinical trial finding that green tea and cognitive training was more effective at improving visual recognition memory, inhibitory control, and adaptive behaviour than a placebo and cognitive training. 


LonDownS develops new tool for research

LonDownS has developed a new informant questionnaire about cognitive abilities in Down syndrome: the Cognitive Scale for Down Syndrome (CS-DS). You can access the paper and download a PDF of the CSDS by clicking on these hyperlinks.

LonDownS in the News

The LonDownS study, looking at dementia in people with Down syndrome and led by Dr André Strydom, has made the local press in Berkshire.

Berkshire Healthcare NHS Trust is taking part in the LonDownS study for over a year now and has recruited and assessed several people using the LonDownS battery of assessments.

See the full press release



Crick Chat on Down syndrome

In this Crick Chat, held on 24 November 2015 in a pub in King's Cross, LonDownS members Dr Victor Tybulewicz from the Francis Crick Institute and Professor Elizabeth Fisher and Dr Andre Strydom from UCL, discuss how their collaborative research is shedding light on the link between Down syndrome and Alzheimer disease. 

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