The London Down Syndrome Consortium (LonDownS)

Welcome to the website of the London Down Syndrome Consortium. This website has been designed to incorporate information for participants, carers/parents and researchers interested in research into Down syndrome and dementia.


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Read our recent review in Nature Reviews Neuroscience about Alzheimer disease and how Down syndrome can help us learn more about how the disease works

Abstract | Down syndrome, which arises in individuals carrying an extra copy of chromosome 21, is associated with a greatly increased risk of early-onset Alzheimer disease. It is thought that this risk is conferred by the presence of three copies of the gene encoding amyloid precursor protein (APP) — an Alzheimer disease risk factor — although the possession of extra copies of other chromosome 21 genes may also play a part. Further study of the mechanisms underlying the development of Alzheimer disease in people with Down syndrome could provide insights into the mechanisms that cause dementia in the general population.


Suffolk Coast Bike Ride - Sign Up Now!

Sunday 9th August 2015

Suffok Coast Bike Ride Down Syndrome Association

Join us for a beautiful Summer day's cycling in the tranquil Suffolk countryside to raise money for the Down's Syndrome Association.

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