London Down Syndrome Study (LonDownS)

We are doing research to find out about memory and thinking in people with Down syndrome.

Research is when you ask people questions and do tests to find out things.

Personwithdownsyndrome Parent of adult with Down syndrome
Parent-with-child Researcher with speech bubble

Click on the picture of our researchers, Carla and Sarah to find out more about our participants!

Daniel joins us for Work Experience

Daniel on his Work Experience

This week, we have had the pleasure of being joined by Daniel from Highgate School for work experience. Daniel has shadowed the LonDownS Chief Investigator, Dr André Strydom, for the week and met with some of the different work streams. Daniel is building a broad experience base in medicine, including this research experience, before going on to apply to study Medicine at UCL next year. We wish him every success in his studies and thank him for his valuable help this week.

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