Welcome to the website of the London Down Syndrome Consortium. We are  a large, multidisciplinary group of clinicians, human geneticists, developmental psychologists, mouse geneticists, psychiatrists and cellular scientists working towards understanding dementia in people with Down syndrome. To find out more about who we are and what we do, see the pages about us.

This website has been designed to provide information for participants and carers / family members about our research and for researchers interested in our work and Down syndrome and dementia.


LonDownS Consortium celebrates World Down Syndrome Day 2017

Some of the WDSD 2017 team

We celebrated World Down Syndrome Day 2017 by hosting an event in our offices in London for our participants and their carers, family and friends. Later in the afternoon we held a short series of talks on our work for everyone including healthcare professionals and researchers interested in our work. 

You can see some pictures of our events and read a bit more about it in the news section of our website.

Thank you to everyone who came and helped to make the day such a special one. We hope everyone enjoyed the day as much as we did!

World Down Syndrome Day 2017


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