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Imagining the Future City: London 2062

London 2062 Cover Image (as published)

A book based on the London 2062 work, edited by Sarah Bell and James Paskins, was launched on 18 November 2013.

The London 2062 book features new work that addresses London’s future, including academic writing, opinion pieces and illustrations. The book also features the winning entries from the London 2062 competition, which invited contributions from UCL students, and an introduction from Sarah Bell, James Paskins (UCL), Joanna Wilson and Jennifer Johnson (Future of London).

The aim of this book, and the London 2062 programme, is to open discussion about the future of London. What is the future we want to see for London? Which priorities for a global city are in opposition? How can we meet carbon emission targets and deliver new infrastructure in the 21st Century?

Download a free copy of Imagining the Future City: London 2062 from Ubiquity Press



Pablo Mateos London’s population
Jennifer Robinson Making London, through other cities
Prof. Brian Collins London and its Hinterland
Prof. Michael Batty Smart London
Prof. Christine Hawley Flux and flow
Dr Jean Venables Planetary pressures
Prof. Jeremy Watson Infrastructure


Dr Robin Hickman Transport, Climate Change and Society
Peter North Decentralised Energy
Bob Fiddik Taking carbon out of heat
Sofie Pelsmakers Future-proofing London: Mitigation strategies for a changing global climate
Dr Tse-Hui Teh Hydro-London
Dr Sarah Bell Water
Dr Robert Biel The Future of Food in the Capital


Rob Pearce and Prof. Mike Raco Governing London in 2062: The City of Any Dreams
David-Fell Let’s sing, not shop: an economist dreams of a sustainable city
Hannah Dalgleish Investing in futures
Simon Cavanagh Singing the Helplessness Blues
Myfanwy Taylor Re-thinking London’s economies and economic future
Michelle Hegarty Housing, Inequality and the Future of a Property-Owning Democracy in London
Arthur Kay Paranoia House


Theodoros Semertzidis and James Paskins Scenarios and Paradigms for the Future of London
Dr George Myerson and Prof. Yvonne Rydin No limits to imagining London's future
Prof. Janice Morphet A city-state?
Prof. Matthew Gandy A despatch from the future
Dr Aiden Sidebottom and Justin Kurland Reflections of a Retiring Bobby
Dr Matthew Beaumont London after London
Liron Schur It's Malaria Season (Poster)


A book launch was held at UCL on November 18th

Book reviews

Coverage in the Evening Standard (18 November 2013)

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