Screening Equipment

Tecan Freedom Evo

The Tecan Freedom Evo is a lab automation workstation that we routinely use for transfection, immunostaining and sample harvesting. Our instrument is equipped with a 96-channel head and 8-span LiHa for versatile handling of plates and add-ins of control samples. We have a vacuum manifold and TeLe Shaker installed and routinely use the instrument for siRNA transfection, cDNA preparation and general liquid handling.

PerkinElmer Opera LX

The Opera is a confocal high-content screening microscope with three laser lines (488, 561 and 640 nm) and a UV filter for screening plates in 96- or 384-well format. The Opera has been upgraded to allow transmission light screening. A live-cell incubator is fitted with the instrument to allow fully automated live cell imaging in a high-throughput screening mode. For data handling and analysis, we use the Columbus Conductor, Cell Profiler or IMAGEJ.

PerkinElmer Envision II

The Envision is a multi-label plate reader and can be used for diverse assays such as luminescence, adsorption, fluorescence, and polarization. This model is equipped with ultrasensitive luminescence and two injector pumps.

Hudson RapidPick/Norgren CP7200

The Norgren CP7200 is a colony picker that we use routinely for picking and re-arraying cDNA libraries. The system is equipped with stackers to allow automated plate handling.

Labcyte Echo 520

The Echo is an acoustic dispenser that allows touchless pipetting of extremely small volumes (2.5 nl). This instrument enables cost-effective small molecule compound addition to cell and assay plates.

Cellectricon CellAxess Elektra

The CellAxess Elektra is a high-throughput electroporator that can be used on adherent cells such as differentiated neurons. Acquisition of this instrument was sponsored by a Wellcome Trust Multi-User equipment grant awarded in 2013.

BioTek MultiFlo

The BioTek MultiFlo is a bulk dispenser that we mainly use for seeding cells into microplates.

Tecan HydroSpeed Plate Washer

The HydroSpeed is a 96/384-well plate washer with 96 pins that are adjustable in height that can be used for ELISA and cell-based or bead-based assays.

CyBi PrintVario

The PrintVario is a print and apply workstation equipped with stacker for high-throughput labelling of plates.

Roylan StoragePod San Francisco

The storage pod is a small molecule storage solution to prevent damage of compounds by moisture or oxygen during handling.

Amaxa Nucleofector 96-shuttle

Currently under evaluation for suitability for high-throughput screening.