All information for high-throughput screening at the TRRC can be found here. Screening projects are evaluated by the TRRC management board on a rolling basis. An application form can be found here and Terms/conditions can be downloaded here. You can also contact Dr. Robin Ketteler directly to request further information (

Please note that there are significant user charges that apply to screening projects. Enquiries for costing should be made to Robin Ketteler ( We are happy to help generate preliminary data for grant applications.

A main emphasis of our screening platform is the use of primary cells and high-content analysis. We have successfully used HUVEC, Schwann Cells and primary neurons in RNAi screening projects. Most standard reporter assays such as immunostaining, fluorescence, luciferase and morphological assays can be performed.

Bioinformatic support is provided for image analysis using Acapella or IMAGEJ. For statistical analysis, we mostly use CellHTS and R packages. In addition, we are developing our own image analysis tools and are developing model systems for medium throughput-screening of 3D systems.


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