Ricardo Henriques Research Group

2011, PhD in Biophysics, Faculdade de Medicina Universidade de Lisboa (Lisbon Portugal)/Institut Pasteur (Paris France)/CSIR (Pretoria South Africa)
2008, Physics Engineering, Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa (Lisbon Portugal)
Ricardo Henriques
Tel: +44 20 7679 7936
Postdoctoral Research Fellowship by the Pasteur-Roux Program
PhD Fellowship by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology
Previous Posts: 
2011-2013, Postdoctoral Fellow, Institut Pasteur (Paris France)
2011-2013, Ad hoc Lecturer and Consultant, Olympus Europa Holding GmbH (Hamburg Germany)
2009-2012, Software Developer & Imaging Expert, Andor Technology (Belfast UK)
2006-2008, BioImaging Facility Manager, IMM (Lisbon Portugal)
2005-2006, Microscopy Technician, IGC (Oeiras Portugal)
2002-2003, Software Engineer, pyLabs (Oeiras Portugal)

The Quantitative Imaging and Nanobiophysics Group

Our research is focused on the development of experimental technology to study biological processes that fall outside of the resolving power of conventional cell biology studies. We specially focus on applications to super-resolution (SR) microscopy. SR is non-trivial and requires a multidisciplinary approach for its development and application. Additionally, a novel realm of analytical and modelling tools needs to be established to resolve the new level of information retrieved from cellular structure and behaviour at the nanoscale. Together with collaborators we have tackled some of these challenges, developing fundamental technologies ranging the areas of optical microscopy, quantitative image analysis, photoswitchable fluorescence and the analysis of molecular territories within cells.

These same principles seed and guide our research group. Both training and bringing together specialised scientists in the fields of cell biology, physics, applied mathematics, optics, and computer science, unified by with the common desire to apply their expertise into the study of biological systems. The group is set in a highly cooperative environment, with a large percentage of its emphasis directed into developing super-resolution technology and applying it to biological research.  

Our current projects

  • A novel single-cell systems biology approach through experimental super-resolution microscopy.
  • Development of dynamic labelling schemes for Super-Resolution using a synthetic human nanobody phage-display library. 
  • Probing deeper into the mechanisms of HIV-1 infection: mapping HIV-1 architecture and entry into host cells using super-resolution microscopy and single domain antibodies.

Main Collaborators

  • Dr. Guillaume Charras (LCN, UCL) - application of micro-fluidics into data-driven super-resolution - shared PhD student: Pedro Almada (BBSRC LIDo).
  • Dr. Alan Lowe (LCN, UCL) - high-speed super-resolution acquisition and analytics - shared PhD student: Nils Gustafsson (UCL CoMPLEX PhD Program).
  • Prof. Mark Marsh (LMCB, UCL) - HIV-1 nanoarchitecture and cell entry - shared PhD student: Caron Jacobs (Commonwealth Studentship / LMCB PhD program).
  • Dr. Edward Cohen (Statistics Department, Imperial College) - creating quantitative methods to access molecular interactions by bridging Förster resonance energy transfer (FRET) and super-resolution - shared MSc student: Daitong Li (Statistics).
  • Dr. Jason Mercer (LMCB, UCL) - Vaccinia nanoarchitecture and nanobody development.
  • Dr. Joe Grove (Royal Free, UCL) - New photoswitchable probes by DNA tethering.
  • Prof. Franck Pichaud (LMCB, UCL) - Super-resolution SPIM for Drosophila imaging and 3D cultures of Caco-2 and MDK cells.
  • Dr. Helena Soares (IGC, Portugal) - Nanoarchitecture of the immunological synapse.
Lab Members: 
Pedro Pereira
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Henriques, RJDSD; QuickPALM. [Software].

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