Research at the LMCB focuses on fundamental questions in molecular cell biology. Exploiting the power of a range of model organisms and the latest molecular and imaging technologies, LMCB scientists explore some of the key processes underlying cell function and behaviour. These include the control of cell number, the determination of cell and tissue architecture, the regulation of communication within and between cells and the control of cell movement. How these processes are regulated determines the development and homeostasis of organisms but also underlies susceptibilities to pathologies such as infection, degenerative disorders and cancer.

The future of Cell Biology relies on novel approaches and technological advancements. At the LMCB, we are building on the information garnered from genomics and computational modeling analysis to develop a systems approach to complex biological processes. We benefit from cutting-edge Electron Microscopy facilities and high-resolution imaging methodologies that allow us to achieve single-molecule resolution level. Moreover, our in-house, cell-based, high-through-put screening facility provides a non-biased approach for identifying signalling pathways in poorly understood cellular processes and for the identification of translational targets for future therapeutics.

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