Piotr Sirko

After obtaining a MSc in
Biotechnology from the University of Warsaw I wanted to continue to do research
and obtain a PhD. I think that the LMCB is a great place to do that.

What I think is one of the
biggest advantages of the LMCB’s four year graduate programme, is that it
allows students to be part of multiple laboratories and eventually choose the
one in which they would like to finish their PhD. During their first year
students take part in rotations in different laboratories. These expose
students to different leadership styles and give one the occasion to get
acquainted with research topics that might be inaccessible otherwise. Thus
rotations can have a big influence on your scientific interests. They also help
a lot in choosing the final lab and topic in which you will pursue your PhD.

During the first year of the PhD
programme tutorials with experienced scientists enable students to establish
and understand links between research topics, which would seem to be far apart
from one another. The stimulating discussions during those tutorials develop
your critical thinking abilities, build confidence and ultimately help you
become a better scientist.

The curriculum of the PhD
programme at the LMCB helps also to develop effective scientific communication
and networking skills. Each year a joint PhD student conference is organized
with an overseas university department. Students also take out guest speakers
for lunch and have many occasions to interact with senior staff members during
lunch, seminars or other events, due to the open nature of the department.

It is easy to make friends and
everyone, from group leaders to your senior students, is willing to guide you
and help you in your pursuits.