Maelle Lorvellec

Maelle is a postdoctoral fellow who joined the group in January 2014.

She was previously working in close collaboration with our group at the
University of Birmingham where she was able to reprogram skin fibroblasts from
patients suffering from liver diseases like ARC syndrome into induced
Pluripotent Stem Cells (iPSCs). These iPSCs have the potential to be
differentiated into any specialised cells. They were differentiated into
hepatocytes-like cells. Some preliminary data show that you can reproduce the
disease phenotype in these iPSCs derived hepatocytes-like-cells. Furthermore
Maelle will be investigated if the disease iPSCs and their differentiated cells
can be genetically corrected. The aim of her project in our group is to
differentiate patient derived iPSCs into hepatocytes as well as to establish
the differentiation into other liver cells like cholangiocytes to ultimately
create a more representative in vitro disease model as 3D Cultured Liver
Organoids (CLOs). It will be investigated if these CLOs are functional and could
be used as a therapeutic tool.