Postdoc committee

Postdoc Mission Statement

Our goal is to enhance the LMCB postdoc experience.

Postdocs are the present and future of the scientific research enterprise. We make every attempt to ensure that the LMCB encourages postdocs to carry out paradigm-changing science, but also to develop into future global leaders of their respective fields- in academia and beyond.

Joining the LMCB? We help you hit the ground running with a personalized welcome and an information pack. We organize social and networking activities throughout the year, and the postdocs host weekly internal seminars and networking evenings with external speakers. Once a year the postdocs invite a world-leading scientist to the LMCB. We organize career and skill acquisition events, and provide a bridge between the LMCB and the excellent resources available to the wider UCL community. We are currently developing teaching opportunities for our postdocs, and liasing with postdoctoral associations across UCL to carry out joint events. We provide assistance with fellowship applications, connecting postdocs to previous successful applicants. 

We are fiercely proud of our international, inclusive outlook. Our postdocs hail from every corner in the world, bringing unique perspectives and skills with them- something we highlight through our series of postdoc interviews. As major stakeholders in the scientific enterprise, we think it is critical for postdocs to engage with the general public, as well as topical science policy issues in the UK. 

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