LMCB - MRC Laboratory for Molecular Cell Biology


One of the key goals of the LMCB is to attract bright young scientists and to provide an exciting environment that helps these young scientists to develop into future  leaders of research with. We seek creative and highly motivated postdoctoral scientists that will help design and complete many of the experiments carried out at the LMCB. Postdoctoral fellows will work in a vibrant and challenging environment and they will benefit from the expertise of senior scientists and other postdocs and graduate students, with whom they often collaborate. Since its establishment in 1993, our the LMCB/CBU  has hosted over 80 postdoctoral fellows. Many of these are now hold group leader and faculty positions in UK or abroad or are working within industry, scientific publishing or other research support roles. A LMCB postdoctoral association aims to facilitate the interactions between younger scientists and between postdocs and group leaders. Postdocs are fully integrated into the scientific activity at the LMCB, they have the possibility to invite world-renowned scientists for seminars and they normally chair the departmental talks. 

UCL offers a host of career training opportunities and workshops aimed to help junior scientists in establishing their future career. Here is our guide to future career opportunities.

Postdoctoral fellows are appointed directly by group leaders. If you are interested in a postdoctoral positions, please visit our group leaders page and contact them directly, or look for postdoctoral positions available in the institute here.