LMCB - MRC Laboratory for Molecular Cell Biology


Laboratory Support Staff

The LMCB has a team of full-time laboratory support staff that includes a laboratory manager and deputy, a stores manager and five laboratory assistants who provide research support to all LMCB groups. The laboratory support staff offer or arrange services such as maintenance and repair of laboratory equipment, minor laboratory modifications and refurbishment, maintenance of cryo-banks, provision of laboratory gas supplies and de-ionised water and 24-hour monitoring of ultra-low temperature freezers.
The laboratory manager and deputy also provide advice and support on all aspects of laboratory health and safety, and can advise and assist research-groups on the preparation and submission of notifications and risk assessments required for their research, e.g. GM Safety Committee approvals, Home Office and HSE notifications, etc.
Other services provided by the laboratory support staff include waste collection and autoclaving, laboratory plastic/glassware washing and sterilisation and media preparation. We also have a large stores facility, which stocks a wide range of laboratory consumables that can be ordered on-line and delivered direct to the laboratories.

Core Laboratory Facilites

The LMCB core facilities include 11 well-equipped tissue culture laboratories including three primary TC labs, a dedicated radio-isotope laboratory, an ACDP Biohazard Category 2 virus laboratory and five cold-rooms. Also there are five equipment rooms, distributed throughout the institute, containing well-maintained laboratory equipment such as:

  • Ultra-low temperature freezers
  • High-speed and ultra high-speed centrifuges with a range of rotors
  • Shaking and cooled incubators
  • Gel documentation systems
  • Sonicators

Other items of advanced laboratory equipment available for the use of all groups include

  • Beckton Dickinson LSRII Flow Cytometer
  • Eppendorf and GRI Real-Time PCR machines
  • Odyssey Infrared imaging system
  • Perkin Elmer Series 200 HPLC

For more information on health and safety and laboratory facilities at the LMCB, visit the wiki page.