The Ketteler Lab

High-Throughput Screening Group:

Joana Costa

is performing high-throughput screening projects using siRNA, cDNA and
small molecule libraries. A main aim is to understand general cell
biology processes and to develop technologies suitable for drug

Christin Luft

Christin is developing technologies that facilitate high-throughput screening projects. This includes the characterization of reporter gene functions in various assays related to cancer signaling and autophagy, and the use of RNAi and CRISPR-mediated gene silencing technologies. Recently, through an award from the Michael J Fox Foundation, Christin started to investigate novel drug targets for Parkin-mediated mitophagy in Parkinsons disease.

Autophagy/Signaling Research Group:

Alexander Agrotis

Alex is a PhD student interested in autophagy and De-ubiquitinating enzymes.

Jacob Heintze

is a PhD student interested in metabolic signaling. He studies the role
of metabolic enzymes in mitogenic signaling and investigates possible
links between metabolic enzymes and autophagy.

Niccolo Pengo

Niccolo is working on a project to identify mechanisms of post-translational regulation of the autophagy protease ATG4B. Using siRNA-based high-throughput screening and proteomic technologies, he focusses on the role of kinase signaling in autophagy modulation. This work is sponsored by a project grant from BBSRC.

Julia Petschnigg

aims to identify novel interactors of EGFR mediated signaling
responses. With funding from a EU Marie-Curie Incoming International
Fellowship she is developing novel technologies that enable the
identification of small molecule compounds targeting specifically
oncogenic EGFR variants.

 Krisna Prak

Krisna studies the role of protein kinase signaling in autophagy. She is an expert in protein purification and crystallization and is developing in vitro assays to study kinase and protease functions by high-throughput screening. This work is funded by a UCL/MRC Confidence in Concept award.